let's tell each other stories, eh? let's make Ursa Major seem crass.



I was about eleven when I was told a parable by one of my teachers:

"A man is put into jail. He is told that he can choose one day of the year to spend with his family and friends. He asks his rabbi which day he should choose. Rosh Hashana? Yom Kippur, the holiest of days? No, the rabbi says. Passover? Purim? His wedding anniversary? The rabbi still answers no. Shabbat? The man asks. The rabbi again says no, and the man, now angry, demands to know when the rabbi wants him to leave, if not on the holiest days of the year, nor on the sabbath. ‘Leave at your first opportunity, or at your own discretion,’ says the rabbi, ‘for all days are holy.’"

That is how I feel when I come into some amount of good fortune. I want to share it with whomever is there, whomever is with me when I receive it. I want them to enjoy my new weath.

(I was sent some peanut butter cups and went to go share them with my housemate. That is why I am thinking about this.)

(I don’t know why/how exatly these thoughts are related, but they profoundly are. I got exactly the same feeling both times. Can you understand this?)


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